My Security Code is not working

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"I'm having a problem with my security code. The security code isn't working, the security question does not work"


Please follow these steps fully:

  • Use a desktop computer to log in to Songbay (not a mobile device)


  • When entering your security answer, ensure you are using correct upper or lower case characters.


  • Completely empty the cache and browsing history of your web browser (this is vital)


  • *Important* type in the security answer manually (do not cut and paste as sometimes keyboards can paste in invisible characters and hyperlinks, which will cause glitches)


  • Check using a different browser or computer


You should now be logged in to your account. If not, it means you are using the wrong security code, or your keyboard/software/hardware is causing an input glitch


If you continue to experience issues, please let us know and we will investigate further.