Technical Problems - common issues and fixes

Common Technical issues and Fixes

Common Technical issues and Fixes

As with all online companies, users may experience technical difficulties from time to time. These are often the result of browser/ server/ software/ hardware conflicts that are often beyond our control.

Here is a list of common issues which can occur and how to fix them :


Email address, Passwords, Security answers, OTP Codes not accepted

We would suggest, trying the following in this order:

  1. Ensure you are using a desktop computer and not a mobile device.
  2. Clear your web browser cache and history. 
  3. Change to a different web browser. We recommend using the latest versions of Chrome of Firefox.
  4. Ensure you have a sufficiently fast and uninterrupted internet link.
  5. Switch off any anti-virus software which may be causing a conflict.
  6. Try using a different computer altogether (Not a mobile device).
  7. When entering any Passwords, Memorable Security answers, OTP codes, or Email addresses, type them in manually, do not use copy and paste, or any auto-fill functions. Occasionally pasting can input invisible characters or hyper-links, which will cause our system to reject the data.
  8. When entering email addresses or passwords, ensure the correct use of capitals, (our system is case-specific). Ensure the caps lock function is not activated.
  9. If resetting passwords, use the memorable security answer option instead of the email link option (in case you have an issue with receiving emails from your mail server).

If all these steps fail, please email us your current login credentials (you can always change these at a later stage) and we will investigate further.


Images not displaying or changing after uploading, editing, or changing them.

This occurs when your web browser is not displaying the most recent version of a page. Delete your web browser cache and history and reopen the page, you will see the new image. Alternative check with a different web browser.


OTP Code not working


An OTP code (One time password) is a security measure that our system automatically invokes whenever a user signs in using an unrecognized device, or from a different geographical location, or if the user has not used their account for some time.

It is important to wait for the OTP code to arrive by email (up to 15 mins).  If an OTP code does not arrive or is not accepted, wait at least 15 minutes before requesting another one.  Always type the code manually, do not copy and paste it.


Lyrics or Music not displaying after following the upload steps

Try  the following:

  1. Ensure you fully read the upload instructions.
  2. Ensure you are using the correct upload option: 'Sell Lyrics'  for lyric uploads and 'Sell Music' for audio uploads. If you choose the wrong option, the upload will fail.
  3. If an audio upload, ensure the file is under 10 MB in size. Anything larger, will fail.
  4. Clear your web browser cache and history. Web browsers have a habit of causing glitches by displaying old versions (cached) versions of web pages and not the most recent. They remember old URL page links and content and to speed up loading time, display these versions instead of the most recent. Clearing the web browser cache and history solves this issue by forcing the browser to display the most recent content).
  5. Always click on the 'Continue' button when uploading, NEVER your keyboard 'enter' key. Doing so will result in failure.
  6. If you make a mistake when uploading, always use the 'start over' link, NEVER the browser back button. Doing so can cause glitches.
  7. Always wait for the confirmation message that the upload was successful before moving to a different web page.
  8. Change to a different web browser. We recommend using the latest version of Google  Chrome or Firefox, which from our experience, are the most stable
  9. Ensure that Java is installed on your computer.
  10. Ensure you have a sufficiently fast and uninterrupted internet link.
  11. Switch off any anti-virus software which may be causing a conflict.
  12. Do not use the Opera web browser. We do not support it.
  13. Do not leave the upload process midway, you will get logged out and the upload will fail.
  14. Try using a different computer altogether.


Upload problem

Users are unable to progress through the song or lyric listing stages. On clicking 'Next' nothing happens, the page just hangs indefinitely, making it impossible to progress further. 
Sometimes the message: "Do not leave this page until you receive a confirmation of upload message (This may take between 45-90 seconds)"

-but nothing happens after this message.

This indicates either a problem with your hardware/ software setup or an issue with the file being uploaded-possibly an unsupported audio file or incorrect size (for audio uploads, the file must be in MP3 format and not exceed 10 MB in size).


Try the following in this order:

  1. Check the file type for compatibility
  2. Clear your web browser cache and history and retry
  3. Use a desktop computer, not a mobile device
  4. Update your web browser to the latest software
  5. Use a different web browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)
  6. Check that your computer is java and flash compatible
  7. Turn off any anti-virus software
  8. Ensure you are not trying to upload on a shared network, e.g., a work place network
  9. Try checking the upload process on a different device