OTP Code not working

OTP Code not working 

otp problem

An OTP code (One time password) is a security measure that our system automatically invokes whenever a user signs in using an unrecognized device, or from a different geographical location, or if the user has not used their account for some time.

It is important to wait for the OTP code to arrive by email (up to 30 mins).  If an OTP code does not arrive or is not accepted, wait at least 30 minutes before requesting another and be sure to check in any spam folders. If you do not wait long enough, you may find yourself entering a previous (delayed) code that has been superseded by a more recent code. This means you may find yourself constantly entering an out of date code. If you find you have received several codes and are not sure which is the most recent, check the email header (look at the received/sent information).

After waiting for the appropriate amount of time, type the code in manually - do not copy and paste it in (occasionally keyboards can copy in invisible characters or hyperlinks which can also cause glitches). Your code should now be accepted.

Sometimes, the code still refuses to work, usually the result of server firewalls, proxy- servers, anti-virus software, or other hardware/ software conflicts. This can be extremely frustrating but don't worry, we can fix it!

If your OTP code is not accepted after attempting all these measures, please contact us, and we can manually resolve the issue for you.