How do your subscriptions work?

How do your subscriptions / packages work?


We offer monthly or yearly subscription (membership) packages. A subscription is an ongoing reoccurring payment giving access to our service. Each subscription package offers different user features and upload levels.

Once your subscription is in place, you can upload your songs and lyrics whenever you wish. Some artists upload lots of songs and lyrics all at once, others space uploads over a period of time. The amount of uploads indicated is the total amount that the subscription package allows. It is not a monthly entitlement. The subscription must be kept active in order to use our service.

There are no tie ins with Songbay, you may upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. If you decide to cancel your subscription or do not keep it active, your account will be closed and any uploads or other user content will be removed from our system. Any unused features or upload entitlement will also end, including our copyright protection service.


Please note- Once a subscription is cancelled we are obliged to remove uploads from public view and revert the account to a free status.


We offer a choice of fantastic value subscription packages. Uniquely, all our packages include free copyright registration and copyright protection of every song or lyric uploaded. Latest details can be found at Membership-Options >>