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User Instruction Videos
How to download purchases
Where to find details of Sales and Purchases
How to Edit Uploads
What are the selling options?
How do I collect my royalties from sales?
Are your contracts exclusive or non-exclusive?
Can I sell my work outside of Songbay?
What rights do i need to sell music at Songbay?
How much should I charge/pay for lyrics and songs at Songbay?
How do I upload My Lyrics and Songs?
Where can I find more information about Songbay?
What is Songbay?
Who uses Songbay?
How do your subscriptions work?
What percentage of royalties will I receive from sales?
Benefits for Sellers
How do I receive payment?
How to use the copyright function at Songbay
Lyric to song service
Licensing Choices- Selling Options