How do I upload My Lyrics and Songs?

To upload to Songbay, follow these simple steps:


  1. Choose either 'Sell Lyric' or 'Sell Music' depending on what you wish to sell. If you are only wishing to sell a lyric, select 'Sell Lyric', if you are wishing to sell a song containing music only or song containing both music and lyrics, sellect 'Sell Music'.
  2. Follow the step by step listing instructions. You will be asked how you wish to sell your work. For example, as a Download, a Single-use license, or even as  a complete Copyright exchange (you will receive advice on what each of these options are as well as guide prices to help you)
  3.  You will then enter your sale price for your music or lyrics (users set their own fees for their work).
  4. Finally, you will be prompted to enter specific details about your work so that it can be found by search engines, e.g., style, mood, Instruments featured etc. The listing process takes just a few minutes, after which your song or lyric will be published for sale to the world!

See example video >>

You will receive notification of your music or lyric sales or of any interest in your work.