What rights do i need to sell music at Songbay?

What 'rights' do I need to sell music at Songbay?

You must own all the rights to your songs or lyrics- This means you must be the copyright holder or have permission from any other joint copyright holders to use our service. 'All rights' means: All the Publishing rights and All the Master Recording rights, where applicable. 'Copyright' means: you are the creator of the song or lyric. You are automatically granted the copyright to a song or lyric when you create it, becoming known as the 'copyright holder'. It's a very good idea to protect this right using our free  'Copyright Protection' functions >>

Copyright protection is a major benefit to Songbay artists

You must also own the rights or have permission to use any images you upload to Songbay

You must NOT upload Cover Versions of other artist's songs. If you do, you may be prosecuted.