How much should I charge/pay for lyrics and songs at Songbay?

Average Prices and Buying Options

Prices are determined by the buying/selling option you use. At Songbay, you can sell/purchase music and lyrics in a variety of ways. Sellers set their own fees.

Unlike other companies, we allow users to set their own fees without deducting any commission from sales. So whatever fee payments you receive at Songbay, you keep!

When uploading your songs and lyrics to our online selling area, we advise on the latest  recommended industry prices, to ensure you do not over or under charge for your work (for the very latest prices, look for the Information button on the price setting page when uploading).

Here's an approximate guide of our selling options and prices:

  • As a Download   (Allowing personal use only). $0.99-$2.50
  • As a Cover version License  (Allowing other artists to make a cover version (re-recorded) version of your song or lyric).  9.4 cents per copy
  • As a Standard License  (Allowing limited use of your song or lyric by another person/organization for a specific purpose). $75-$250
  • As an Extended License  (As above, but allowing full commercial and advertising use). $250-$500
  • As a Copyright Exchange   (All rights are transferred from Seller to Buyer. The buyer becomes the new owner of the song or lyric and can do with it as they wish). $200-$6000