General Help

General Help, where to start?, I'm lost?, I'm stuck!

Where to start?

If you have just joined Songbay and find yourself asking questions such as  "where do I start? how do I upload? where are the instructions? etc" we recommend you start here, at the knowledgebase center. Have a read through the help articles to get an overview of features. If you are stuck on anything, please use the search function before contacting us. Type in your query in the search box-It's highly likely the answer will pop up!

Songbay requires a good level of computer literacy and the ability to follow instructions. We also recommend using Songbay from a computer or tablet wherever possible (over mobile phones). We offer songwriters and lyricists so many unique benefits, whilst we try to make things as simple as possible, there is a required learning curve- song selling and copyright protection can be complex areas. That said, in a very short space of time, you should be up and running and creating your perfect artist page!