How to Edit Uploads

How to Edit Uploads

We allow a variety of editing to uploads. You can make the following edits:

  • Change the description information of your song or lyric
  • Change sale prices.
  • Make uploads private or public
  • Add, change or delete images.
  • Add backing tracks or narration to lyrics
  • Add a lyric to display with a song


To edit uploads, login to your Songbay account and from your user dashboard choose the link:  'Edit Your Uploads' 

The direct link to this area is:

For legal and contractual reasons, we do not allow audio edits, or the swapping of one song for another.

We do allow corrections to lyrics for typos but impose strict character limits. We do not allow major edits, reworkings or title changes  This is to protect against fraud and to facilitate copyright protection.  One of the major benefits of Songbay membership is our free copyright protection on all uploads. This would not be possible if users were able to substantially alter the original uploaded content. It would also be impossible to collect royalties on song or lyric sales if the original source or title had changed.