Uploads not appearing - where is my song or lyric?

Uploads not appearing

Common search phrases: "Where is my song? Where is my lyric? I have uploaded it, but I can't see my lyric?, I can't find my song? , where is my upload? my upload is not visible?"

Uploads appear on your main artist page after a necessary delay for assessment.

Please pay particular attention to the notification at the start and end of the upload process, which says:

** Please Note Uploads will NOT appear live on Songbay until they have been approved by our quality team. This process normally takes between 48-72 hours. You will receive an email notification to confirm publication to our site **

We review all uploads to Songbay. This process takes between 48-72 hours. You will always receive an email notification once your uploads are live on Songbay (viewable from your artist page).

For more details on our selection criteria please see

Selection Criteria: https://songbay.co/songbay/blog/faqs/#what-is-your-selection-criteria

If your upload was previously visible but is no longer visible on your artist page, check the 'visibility' setting in the 'Edit Your Uploads' section.