Licensing Choices- Selling Options

Licensing Choices- do I have to use your selling options?

"I use your website primarily for to copyright. Do the buyers of your licenses acquire ownership? Do I have to use the selling options?"

With the exception of 'Copyright Exchanges', none of our licenses assign any ownership rights to the user.

Our licenses are designed to create simplicity and fairness, without the need for complex/ protracted negotiations. With this in mind, our contracts are weighted towards songwriters and lyricists, i.e., 

-All our license contracts are 'Non-Exclusive', (meaning the artist can re-license their work to other users at the same time, without any restrictions). Our Licenses assign ALL ownership rights to the songwriter or lyricist.

If you are unsure on which options to offer, please see our contract examples on our website and in your user area.

You can of course set your own selling fees, and decline some or ALL selling options- instructing any potential buyers to ‘contact directly to discuss’ (and continue to use Songbay purely for copyright protection).

To do this, simply set the selling prices to zero and that selling option will NOT be available to purchase.

The only thing users may not do, is to receive payment for a license and then attempt to negotiate the terms retrospectively.