Upload Problem

"Upload problem, Unable to complete the upload process, Page hanging or freezing, I can't upload"

Occasionally users are unable to progress through the song or lyric listing stages. On clicking 'Next' or 'Upload' nothing happens, the page just seems to hang indefinitely, making it impossible to progress further. 
Sometimes the message: "Do not leave this page until you receive a confirmation of upload message (This may take between 45-90 seconds)"

-but nothing happens after this message.

This indicates either a problem with your hardware/ software setup or an issue with the file being uploaded-possibly an unsupported audio file or incorrect size (for audio uploads, the file must be in MP3 format and not exceed 10 MB in size).


Try the following in this order:

  1. Check the file type for compatibility
  2. Clear your web browser cache and history and retry
  3. Use a desktop computer, not a mobile device
  4. Update your web browser to the latest software
  5. Use a different web browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)
  6. Check that your computer is java and flash compatible
  7. Turn off any anti-virus software
  8. Ensure you are not trying to upload on a shared network, e.g., a work place network
  9. Try checking the upload process on a different device


If all these steps fail to resolve your upload error, please contact us so we can investigate further.